Veteran List

Morgan Park Alumni Veterans

All Veterans served in Cold War

Name, MPHS Date, Branch and Years Served, Vietnam and Cold War "V", Cold War "C"

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Rich Anderer Air Force "C"

Allen Carlson Jan 66 Navy "C"

John Bantsolas Jun 66 "C"

Jack Barber Jan 66 Navy "V"

Roger L. Byous Jan 65 Navy "C"

Mike Cannon Jun 67 Air Force 67-75 "C"

DeVerdier Jun 67 Marines 67-69 "V"

Eric Dixon Jun 62  "V" Army

David Estes Army "V"

Bob Glines Jan 66 Navy "V"

Will Hepburn Jun 66 Army "C"

Charles Horne 65 Air Force 66-70 "V"

Craig Hullinger Jan 66 Marines 66-99 "V"

Charles Kitchen 66 Army "C"

Randy Lam Jan 66 Army "V"

Albert Linsenmeyer Jan 66 Army "C"

Michael J Mayer 66 Navy "V" 

Ron McComb 67 Air Force 67-69 "C"

Jim Nebel 65 Army 65-67 "V" 

John Nielsen 66 Army 70-73 "C"

Philip E Nielsen 62 Air Force 66-96 "C"

John E. Pagel 63 Army 63-65 "V"

Carol Youngquist Macola Army "C"

Mike Richardson 64 "C"

Ron Robertson Navy "V"

John G Sackis 61 Army 63-63 "V"

Andy Sauvage 66 Army "C"

Ken Sauvage Marines "V"

Alan Schaefer Jan 66 USAF 66-69 "C"

Jim Seamon Jun 66  Navy "V"

David G. Stankow Jan 61 Army "C"

Joe Terry Jun 64 Army "V"

Peter Terry Jan 66 Army "C"

Matt Vanek "V"

Charles Van Liere Jan 66 Army "V"

Robert Veenstra Air Force "V"

Ron Veenstra Army "C"

Susan Wiggins Jan 66 Army "C"

Ken Zalga  Marines "V"

Chuck Zeman Army "C"

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